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Hong Long - Red Oolong Tea

Hong Long is a great daily oolong tea with high oxidation for those who are making their first steps in the world of tea. The famous dried red berry aroma combines with the malty notes for a rich cup of goodness. Check out its green cousin Ji Long for a more summery kind of tea.

Hong Long - Red Oolong Tea

SKU: 202308
PriceFrom €5.00
1 Gram
VAT Included
  • Origin:  Taoyuan, Taiwan

    Harvest: Fall 2023

    Elevation: 300m

    Tested Agrochemical Free by local authorities

    Cultivar: Four Seasons Oolong

    Oxidation: 80%

    Machine Picked, Processed On Site

    Please, use good quality water for your tea.

  • Temperature: 95 °C (205 °F)
    Amount: 3-5g / 100ml (2tsp / 3.4floz)
    Brewing in sec: 45 / 45/ 60
    You can use the same leaves 3-4 times

    Western Style:
    Temperature: 95 °C (205 °F)
    Amount: 5g / 300ml (2tsp / 10.2 floz)
    Brewing in Min: 2 / 3 / 3
    Lasts 2-3 steeps

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