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About Us

We are a small tea company based in Berlin, Germany. We believe that tea culture introduces habits like mindfulness and self-reflection that are an antidote to the stress induced by our modern lifestyle.


Likewise, we try our best to do sustainable business. Our teas come from small tea farms in Taiwan, many of which still do everything by hand and all of which put great value in organic production. We work with freelancers and small businesses such as digital artists, potters, and artisans from all over the world to create a community of people who value human labor and time invested into creating things. This is reflected in our name.

Xiān (仙) stands for magical, celestial or extraordinary. A 亻“person” moves into a 山 “mountain” to practice becoming Immortal. Chá (茶) stands for tea. As the famous Lu Yu wrote about tea in the 8th century CE:

"The first bowl sleekly moistened throat and lips;

The second banished all my loneliness;

The third expelled the dullness from my mind,

Sharpening inspiration gained from all the books I've read.

The fourth brought forth light perspiration,

Dispersing a lifetime's troubles through my pores.

The fifth bowl cleansed ev'ry atom of my being.

The sixth has made me kin to the Immortals.

The seventh is the utmost I can drink."

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