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Ruby Blossom - Ruby 18 White Tea

About the tea:
A curious novelty on the tea landscape of Taiwan: a white tea made from the Ruby #18 cultivar. It's not a secret that Ruby 18 was developed for black tea production, and making any other kind of tea out of this material usually doesn't end well. This tea is different. It takes the characteristic mint and cinnamon flavors of the cultivar and grounds them in the very gentle fruity and floral notes of white tea. This tea is made only from the earliest harvests picked before the Qingming festival. The early leaves grown in colder weather tone down the moody notes of the cultivar, creating harmony in its taste.


Ruby Blossom - Ruby 18 White Tea

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  • Origin: Baguashan, Taiwan
    Harvest: March 2024
    Elevation: 300m
    Certified Organic by the local authorities
    Cultivar: Ruby #18 (Hong Yu)
    Oxidation: Low

  • Gongfu Style
    Temperature: 90°C
    Amount: 3-5g / 100ml
    Brewings in sec: 40 / 30 / 45 / 60
    You can brew the same leaves 4-5 times.


    Large Mug
    Temperature: 90°C
    Amount: 5g / 300ml
    Brewings in sec: 60 / 90 / 120
    You can brew the same leaves 3+ times.

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