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Ms. Gardenia - Flower Oolong Tea

There are no artificial flavors or chemicals added to this tea!

Mixed with freshly picked gardenia flowers, Ms. gardenia is a fine oolong that starts strong, then mellows down with the next steeps into a smooth floral fragrance. Drinking this tea is like walking through an alpine meadow.

Perfect for charging up with positive energy for the day.

Ms. Gardenia - Flower Oolong Tea

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1 Gram
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  • Origin: Taoyuan, Taiwan
    Elevation: 300m
    Organic Gardenia Flowers & Tested Safe Tea
    Cultivar: Si Ji Chun
    Oxidization: 25%

  • Gongfu Style
    Temperature: 95 °C
    Brewing in sec: 45 / 60 / 60
    4+ Infusions

    Large Mug
    Temperature: 95 °C
    Amount: 3-5g / 300ml
    Brewing in min: 2 / 1 / 3
    3+ Infusions

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