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Taiwanese tea culture - what makes it unique?

A table displaying some of the typical instruments used in Taiwan to prepare tea: gaiwan, chahai, chapan, teacup and tea tongs

Not only is Taiwanese tea renowned all around the world, but it has actively influenced mainland Chinese tea culture and by extension the tea culture we know today. Through a combination of Chinese creativity, Japanese ingenuity, European and American economic thought, and a unique Taiwanese approach and dedication came to be such iconic teas as (Formosa) highland oolongs, Wenshan baozhong, Ruby #18 Black, GABA oolongs and many more.

Taiwanese teas are famous for their rich and fine aroma that comes from a complex production process and the island's amazing geography. While appreciating the traditional production methods, Taiwan also actively researches new approaches to tea producing and consumption, keeping its teas a sophisticated modern agricultural product. This fine balance ensures high quality standards and optimization while leaving enough room for experimentation.

Taiwan has also played a major role in preserving traditional Chinese tea culture during the Republican era, as well as playing an important part of Pu-erh's globalization (and the sparking interest in aged teas) in the 1990s. Finally, in its search for identity and constant reinvention of its tea culture, Taiwan gave birth to the tea art and tea space movement, which embrace tea as a social activity and performance, and allows for individual self-expression of the tea performer by materialistic and artistic means.

We invite you to learn more about Taiwanese tea culture with us. We have prepared a series of lessons to familiarize you with many aspects of tea in Taiwan. You will earn about the different types of tea, their history and production as well as how to prepare them. Moreover, you'll gain an understanding of Taiwan's role in the development of the global tea culture and the modern development of its own tea culture and identity. Using this knowledge, you are welcome to embark on a journey of self-discovery and cultivation, appreciation and that of appreciating tea and its impact on our lives. We wish you a pleasant and exciting experience! Here you can jump right to the next article.


Inspired by Chazhidao Chinese Tea Traditions School, we want to create a similar source of knowledge, focusing on Taiwan. While there exists an awareness regarding Taiwanese tea, there's little sources available online in English that highlight the historical and cultural sides of tea in Taiwan. We are here to make our contribution towards changing that.


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